My Hiatus: The Struggle of Parenting Schedules

March 22, 2018

We're back mummies! First of all, Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Arab mum's out there. Now ladies, I can't talk enough about the struggle of parenting and keeping a schedule. God have I been struggling hard! Let's just start by taking a moment to congratulate every supermum out there! We honestly deserve Gold medals for passing each day keeping our children's safe and our lives and homes in order. Let alone staying sane and keeping a healthy relationship with your loved ones. Its so hard! I just have the utmost respect to every mother out there trying her best at literally everything. We juggle too much daily and sometimes it just feels like way too much to handle. Definitely been there, done that!


So, where have I been? Let me take you on a short journey and explain why I've been on a hiatus the past month. My son turned 6 months on Feb 14th, we had a beautiful 1/2 birthday celebration for him and I couldn't be prouder of my little man! Lets just say that since then, Valentines Day must have put a spell on me and because love just didn't leave space for time in the air. I don't know what it is, but girl has the past month been hectic! My son being 6 months now has a personality, with all his likes and dislikes. He loves going out and meeting new people; I swear to you, he whines when I pass by my living room door, he just does not want to be in there! Off course, me being the supermum I am in my head, the past month I've been religiously taking him out of the house literally every single day. I've turned into a social butterfly for this little one, mind you, i'm a true introvert in all its shapes and forms. However, the smile on this lil ones face when we go out is just too precious for me to pass up on. 


So off course, this meant that from 12pm to 5pm each day, my schedule is blocked. Mind you, this means that I have to wake up at 10am to prepare the diaper bag, a change of clothes, his teething & colic gels, his pacifier, his food, a water bottle... you get the gist of it. I come home from a very long day out, and again, me being the supermum I am in my head, I cook dinner for me and my husband who comes home from work at around 6pm. Again, I do this religiously, I love to cook and so I do it every single evening. My husband comes home, we have dinner & off course, as a supermum, I have to spend time with my family. Two hours later, its 9pm which means we have to prepare for bedtime. A change of diapers and a clean onesie later, I put on white noise, breastfeed and put my little one to bed. Before I know it, its 11pm and I'm exhausted beyond belief I can barely attempt to wipe the make-up off my face before crashing in bed. Off course thats not the happily ever after, theres about 3-4 nighttime feeds that occur throughout the night that literally turns my dreams into the sounds of crying babies on repeat. Yay me!


To my (and probably every humans) surprise, this is all worth it in my heart and mind. We as mothers, are able to do this on repeat our entire lives. These sleepless, even seemingly torturous nights are done with so much love and happiness for our little ones its scary what the human body and mind is actually capable of. Its scary what we as women are capable of doing and being. My husband looks at me every morning with this "I don't know how you do it" look that is so incredibly satisfying to me. We truly are super in all that we do and in all that we are. We are capable of facing so many challenges, changes, fears and doing so with so much love. It's like your 'self' is found in the form of your little ones happiness and wellbeing. You, the you that you felt existed before your little one came into your life is somewhat irrelevant and this new you, this new sense of self has magically formed. You've also accepted it with open arms without even remembering to do so. Its the power of motherhood that no one would understand but a mother herself. 


In this new sense of self and being, my schedule has been jam packed with motherly activities and I've found myself too wound up that I literally lost track of space and time. I didn't have the time to pursue my true passion, writing and sharing my motherhood journey with all the beautiful mothers out there. I'm not going to be making any promises I can't keep, but a promise I can make to myself, before anyone, is learning to get better at managing my time and efforts to never divert from the happiness and joy I gain from my writing. Its truly a blessing to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with the world. At the end of the day, we need to be a little bit easy on ourselves and cut ourselves some slack. We're human, we're learning and growing each and every day. We have the right to crash down and accept help from others to pick ourselves back up. To all the mothers who can relate, cheers to you and may God grant us the will and strength to master this crazy world of motherhood! 



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