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It's Galentines Day: Ladies Celebrating Ladies!

What's better than ladies celebrating ladies?! These are the days women should be stressing more and more on. Sadly enough, in the world we live in today, women and men celebrate each other many times throughout the year, but women celebrating other women is a very rare phenomena. We need our girlfriends more than we care to admit, and they all deserve to be celebrated. I personally cannot go a day without the support of a female in my life. Be it my mother, best friend, sister-in-law... I just can't do without those beautiful ladies in my life. So for that special day, I will list my top three things that my gals deserve to be celebrated for on Galentine's day!

You keep me sane! Amidst the daily chaos, you help me maintain and regain my sanity. From getting through 'that time of the month', motherhood, housework, marriage, relationships, bad hair name it, you just get it! Talking to a women about women things and being understood is just the pure beauty that lies in our lives. Thank you men, but no matter how much we explain to them, they just will never get your lady matters. There's nothing more beautiful in life than truly being understood. For that, I thank every lady in my life for my sanity.

Vent vent venting!

Oh, the beauty of venting! I don't know what it is but venting to guys feels like you're being schooled for what you've just said. Its the "Mr. fix it" in men that keeps them from getting the true meaning of the word vent. The ladies in my life can literally listen to me for hours on end knowing that a pair of ears, a warm hug and a smile is all we need. I don't need you to fix my problems, I need you to make me feel better about them, by just letting me... vent. To all the ladies out there who vent and have been vented to, I thank you for your existence in life; especially those who had to go through my fair share!

Superwoman status!

Ladies have this ability to make each other feel like they can run the world! Theres nothing more beautiful or gratifying than a women's ability to manifest you into a goddess in your own eyes without changing a thing about yourself. With words alone, we can pick each other up through the worst of times. Theres just something about a woman to woman admiration for one another's existence and appearance. This is where true empowerment stems from, ladies celebrating and acknowledging other ladies beauty, successes, hopes, dreams, parenting... just about anything. To all the supportive women in my life, I thank you for my inner superwoman status!

Let's strive on celebrating Galentine's Day, everyday. Making sure we lift each other up on the daily, making sure no woman sleeps at night feeling anything less than superwoman. I truly believe that just then, the world can truly become a better place for the entire human race. So, to all the superwoman in my life, this one's for you; Happy Galentine's Day!

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