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February 1, 2018

As I lay in bed every night, I tend to think about my next post and what my content should entail. I ask my self the same-old questions, starting with the big one, what do i want to share with the world? The world is such a dynamic place that sharing has become so easy, so accessible and so so fast. With a click of a button, in minutes, a word you share can be seen by millions. Such a scary thought, makes me think three times before each post. Thats when more questions come rolling in... am I adding value? Adding more

to the positive vibes in this world? One day when I'm gone, I want to be proud of what I have shared, of what I have left behind. 


With the recent backlash hasty posts have had in the recent Logan Paul news, as a content creator, I had to stop and look back at my goals. It was a wake-up call for all content creators around the world to be very careful with their words, not to offend or harm without intent to do so. As my main goal for this blog is to share real-life experiences; my aim of helping and empowering other mothers out-there has to always be in check. I put my life out-there for the sake of it helping or resonate with even one mum. This to me means the world. Something I never want to lose sight of, and will constantly keep myself in check for. 


I was then faced with the dilemma of what to share vs. what not to share. How real can I be on social media? How can I make my posts most authentic? I am far from being perfect, and thats the beauty of the experiences i'm going through each day. The ups and downs, the rights and wrongs, they make me a better and stronger mother each day. My inspiration lies in the benefit shared with other mums; as long as the positivity is being transferred, my goals are definitely being met. Then i thought of this, is what i post really any different from what i'd share with mums I meet in my daily life? I'd be more than happy to share this information in conversation with other mums in a heartbeat. Why not share it with the world?


Social media is an incredible outlet you can use for many different things. You can use it how you please, but when its to bring happiness, joy and assistance to others, it becomes this amazing window of opportunity to project positivity out into this world. A world that really needs more positive energy reflected into it. Social media is a conversation you're having with so many others, all at the same time. Its a thought, a feeling or a smile you put on someone else's face. Its an amazing tool that we should be very careful not to turn into a weapon. 


We as mum's and as women in this world, need to work more on empowering each other in life. Whether its sharing a positive experience or lending a hand; we need to really love and empower more and judge less. The more you give out into the world, the more you get back. Unfortunately as women, we tend to be the toughest critics on one another. We need to make more time in our day to spread some positivity. We have it hard enough ladies, give yourselves & others a break. 


When you start looking at our lives and what you put out into this world through this positive window, you project this on to your family and loved ones. Your children see you and they learn from you. We have a duty towards humanity to raise children with love and positive light. We can only achieve this in our children when we start doing it ourselves. Happy babies start from a happy mother that sets the stage for a happy household. Putting other mothers in this state reflects on you and your loved ones too. 


Lets embrace our womanhood and aim to put a smile on someones face each day. Lets empower each other, even if by a word, gesture or a post. Live life to project happiness and ease onto others and it will definitely make your day a little bit brighter. Take care of the words you speak, and make sure they are put out with good intent and to only bring positive vibes to others lives. 



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