Story Time: Why Mum Blog?

January 12, 2018


Mummies, its time to get personal! I'm going to take you a bit into my personal life as I share my journey to being a Mummy Blogger with you. So let me take you back several years into my childhood, way before I ever wanted to be a mum; let alone a Mummy blogger! My brothers and I have always been raised by my parents to be aspiring and add value in life. Mainly it was the idea of adding value to others that was very prominent in the way we were parented growing up. Achieving and being productive weren't optional, they meant our life was worth something, was of value. We didn't live for ourselves, we live to be remembered by others. Mind you, these ideas were embedded in our minds from childhood. This was what I wanted to be when I grow up, I wanted to be of value in this world.


My father is a very hard worker and always encouraged us to follow our dreams. My mother was the one who took those dreams and made us believe that not only can we achieve those dreams, we can skyrocket them and literally conquer the world. Let me tell you a little secret, my mother has a twitch in her eye when she tries to convince me of something that she isn't one hundred percent convinced with, and when she told us this, her eyes never twitched. Her eyes were always so sharp and pierced through as she told us, yes you can! She believes in us, she is always our cheerleader in life. Someone we all need to have and strive to be for others. She always held those pompoms and did the full routine. For this, I thank you Mum. 


I went through high school knowing I had to be something to someone one day. I just had to make a difference. My father owns a Home Appliances and Electronics company that I told myself if I don't have another passion by the time I finish school, I was going to contribute to; and thats what I eventually ended up doing. Ever since I finished University and earned my Bachelors Degree, I've been working full time specializing in Procurement at my fathers company. My father is a peoples person, he strives to make sure everyone felt at home, meaning no one was better than anyone else. That off course, went for me first, before anyone else. Being his daughter, he made sure I had no additional rights, treatment or benefits, I was like any regular employee. Which I respected, and gained respect back because of. That meant I had to work even harder, to prove I earned my place; and for 5 years straights, thats exactly what i did.


This taught me a lot about being humble, professional & I was constantly very thankful for the opportunities I was getting. I worked very hard to prove myself to my father, and to everyone else working at his company. I made sure I knew the answers before the questions were asked. The amount of pressure was intense, but the lessons I learned were of much greater magnitude. The hardest lesson of all was when my son turned 3 months, my maternity leave was over and I wasn't able to emotionally and physically leave my son. I learned it wasn't possible for me to get back to my 8 to 5 work schedule, the only schedule I've known for years. As hard as that was to accept, my son needed me, and I was going to be there for him. 


Taking me to where I am today, married with a beautiful son who calls me, Mummy. A name I will continuously strive each and every day to live up to, until I die. A name I don't take for granted. A job title that holds so much magnitude. Mummies, we are responsible for this worlds future! With the generations we're raising, we can make or break the upcoming years this world is going to experience. No other post, not even presidency holds that much power. Don't take it lightly mummies, this isn't an overstatement, we are literally doing exactly that, shaping the worlds outcome. 


Knowing the magnitude of my duty as a mum, I couldn't just parent my child in silence. I've been raised to speak up, and to strive to make a difference; and this is exactly why I started this blog. Something didn't sit right inside, once I decided to take an extended break from my office job, I just couldn't stop contributing to the world and to others. I needed an outlet to share and add value through. I was adding value to myself & my son yes, but I wanted to widen my contribution. I thought if my experiences as a mother can benefit even one other woman out there, this was more than enough. There's nothing more fulfilling when I go to bed at night than knowing I made a difference, in whatever form it might come in. I contributed to society in the best way I know how to today. And for this, I thank my parents for their parenting; for raising us to believe in something bigger than myself, something of value and greater meaning. That I have a voice and it was my duty to use it.

Something I will pass down to my children that hopefully they will pass down to theirs. The value of contribution and the sense of responsibility towards humanity as a whole. Every word, action and emotion we put out in the world makes a difference. We need to make sure its a positive one.  You can change someones mood just by smiling at them, and this alone makes this world a better place to live in. If each and every one of us woke up every day with the a purpose to give, love & add value, we are sure to see this world become a better place. Our world needs more people with purpose and strive. I'm sending positive vibes to all you mummies out there, lets make a difference and hand in hand, make this world a better place.


Let me leave you with a lyric from my favorite Micheal Jackson's song, Heal the World "Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and he entire human race."  This is simply why, I am a Mummy Blogger today.




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