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Top 5: Ways To Soothe Your Baby

Do you feel like you've tried every trick in the book and your baby just doesn't seem to stop crying? Mummy, you're not alone. There's nothing more frustrating than feeling your baby is wailing or crying over something that you don't fully understand. Its heartbreaking for us mums who want to make sure everything is perfect for our little ones. Nothing more beautiful than to see that content, happy smile on our babies faces that sinks deep into our hearts. This moment that makes us forget that we haven't showered or brushed our hair in days. The moment that makes it all worthwhile. Oh mummies, do we have the toughest, but most rewarding, job of all.

So first off, lets start with the hourly check-list, has your baby changed their diaper, fed, slept well & is comfortable? If you've answered yes to all of these then lets skip ahead! These are some approved tips and tricks that quickly soothes your fussy baby. Trust me, this is magic! I can't wait, lets start with my favorite...

White Noise

If you aren't familiar with white noise, get ready to be mind-blown. This is a sound with combined frequencies that magically helps put your baby at ease and to sleep! My son sleeps every night in his crib to this sound alone with no feeding required before bedtime. My son also stoped crying instantly as a newborn every-time i turned this sound on. Let me tell you, i've tried so many different sounds of white-noise, this one i'm about to introduce to you, was the only one that actually worked every single time. I just can't imagine life without it.


Swaddling your baby works wonders. This puts your baby to sleep feeling secure and cuddled. Its simply wrapping your baby up in a swaddle blanket, making him feel like he/she's still in the womb. There are a lot of different swaddling techniques, look them up. At the end of the day, they all work great. If your baby is anything like mine and likes his arms free, swaddle under your babies arms, still works great.


You might have a colicy baby. I struggled with a very colicy baby myself, causing me to look up every trick in the book. Firstly, hold your babies knees to his chest to help ease his pain by releasing trapped gases. If the gases are still trapped inside, the Baby Frida Windi Baby is your go to! I have mentioned these in my must haves post, they are a lifesaver mummies! Last but not least, definitely get your hands on colic drops. My two favorites are Dentinox Colic Drops & Infacol Colic Drops. These are essentials to have around your house and in your baby bag.


Don't think your baby is too young to be teething mummies. My son started teething at 3 months-old and it was a shock to me. Your baby might be an early teether, causing them to be extra fussy. Teething is a very painful & uncomfortable phase for our babies, so make sure to check teething off before ruling it out. You may need to check with your obstetrician. If your baby is teething, there are several ways to help, with teething gels, teethers, freezing a damp cloth for your baby to chew on or even a chilled cucumber to rub his gums against. Help soothe your babies gums if thats the case.

Baby Wearing

Yes, mummies, its time to wear your baby! Baby carriers are your best-friends. They come in a wide range of shapes & sizes. Whether you chose a baby wrap, sling or a buckle carrier, they're a must have for you and your baby's comfort. In my article on baby must haves, check out here, i have mentioned two of my favorite carriers to own. These are a lifesaver, they keep your baby close to your body, making them feel safe and content while you run your errands or to simply put your baby to sleep. My son falls asleep instantly in them. They're also good to carry around as a post-baby work out, thats a huge plus right there!

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