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Beauty: LUSH Hair & Skin Care

When you first announce your pregnancy (after all the congrats off course) mothers are so quick to tell you how sleep deprived you'll be & to enjoy your "me" time while it lasts. However, very few talk about what happens to your hair & skin if you don't properly take care of them. As women, our hair and skin are essentials when it comes to our confidence level and how we feel about our physical appearance. Lets face it mummies, this is crucial!

I was determined to find the perfect solution to keep them intact & healthy and mummies let me tell you, i did!

During my pregnancy, my hair & skin were just perfect. Before i knew it, I had the most amazing pregnancy glow and thickest hair. My pregnancy glow continued well after i gave birth, but as time went by, the glow slowly disappeared, leaving me with dull skin. My hair got very thick during pregnancy, i had the most gorgeous, luscious head of hair that i thought would last forever. Little did i know, going into the 4th month post-delivery, yes you guessed it... my hair was shedding like April showers. But no worries mummies, I'm here to bring May flowers to your April showers.

Looking for something with natural ingredients, i tried every natural oil in the market. Argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil... you name it. While these oils gave me short term results, they didn't deliver the long term solution i was looking for. I was getting told it was inevitable by mum's during my search. It just wasn't in my nature just sit and accept things just happening to me, i continued my search with the hope that there was a solution out there that i just haven't found yet.

Before i knew it, i found our holy grail mummies! Yes, they're products from the one and only, LUSH cosmetics. Seriously mummies, these products saved my hair and my skin. These two products don't only work wonders, they're also made with all natural ingredients and aren't tested on animals. Too good to be true?

Let me introduce you to Jasmine And Henna Fluff-Eaze, the true definition of a little goes a long, long way. This hair-treatment is made of all natural oils, featuring Red Henna infusion making your hair literally glow! This requires little to no hair styling after just one use. If you've got curly hair, get ready for super tamed and defined curls.

My second introduction is this cleanser, as a Face & Body cleanser, you've got two products in one! Let the Good Times Roll exfoliates and cleanses your skin giving you the clear natural skin look you've been longing for. As busy mum's we barely have time to shower let alone put on a face of makeup to run errands. Wash your face with this cleanser and enjoy calm and relaxed skin throughout the day. Yes please!

We've got enough to worry about mummies, your hair and skin will definitely be crossed off your worries list.

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