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How To: Travel With a Baby

Mummies mummies, traveling with a baby can easily be put on the top 5 things you're afraid of and you're definitely not alone! The first months of your baby's life is nothing short of a nuisance. Between all the feedings, diaper changes & colic screams, you just can't imagine being anywhere but home. All those dreams of traveling the world seem to diminish slowly one nighttime feed after another. But what if i tell you, you can travel the world with your baby while also maintaining the comfort of your home? Let's go!

The best trips to take with a baby are good-old road trips! Whats better than having your own little space with all your baby things around, while you enjoy beautiful changes of scenery & delve into adventure? I can't think of many. You get to go on your long-awaited vacation without worrying about where & how your baby will get his next feed or diaper change. For breastfeeding mothers, you'll love this! Anytime your baby needs to feed, you can easily do that right there in your seat. You can easily change your baby's diaper or deal with a blow-out. Did you think it stops there?

Did you forget where your baby's favorite place to sleep is? Yep you guessed it, THE CAR! Pop your baby in his car-seat and enjoy a coffee-to-go while he takes a soothing nap. Babies sleep like a charm in car-rides, the vibration of our cars engine soothes our little ones to sleep, making it the perfect place to rest. There's another thing to check off your worries list!

Location suggestions? While you can find countless locations for road-trips around the world, I would definitely book a road-trip in Switzerland! No, Switzerland isn't my home country nor am i getting paid to say this. Then why Switzerland you may ask? Well let me share this with you.

  • Spectacular scenery: You get to enjoy breathtaking mountain views, drive next to endless lakes & waterfalls, visit the cutest little towns and take the perfect postcard picture. Just like a beautiful dream.

  • The Food: There's a bakery serving the best of Europes freshly made goods around every corner. Don't forget, Switzerland is the motherland of chocolate & Gruyère cheese! Perfect for a delicious, quick on the go snack!

  • Public Cleanliness & Hygiene: Switzerland has the most hygienic public restrooms & rest-stops i have ever seen. You're on a road trip with a baby, so you'll be needing clean well equipped restrooms along the way. There are plenty of them too!

  • Steady roads: Whether you're driving up a mountain or enjoying a quiet drive by the riverside, Switzerlands roads are the steadiest. With a baby on board, you definitely want to avoid those bumpy rides.

  • Lengthy daylight: On our road-trip in May, the sunset at 10pm! This gave us plenty of time to go on our adventures and make all our needed stops along the way. Perfect.

  • Numerous locations: Switzerland is just one beautiful tiny town after the other. No matter which town you decide to place on your route, you're bound to have an amazing adventure. Stop at a local restaurant and have a heartwarming meal along the way.

  • Small Country: You get to drive all around Switzerland in no time! Having a small landmass, you get to experience the beautiful country even if you've got a short vacation.

  • EU access: Have an extended vacation? You can easily drive in and out of Italy, Germany & France! Yep, and you won't even notice you've just entered a different country, its that easy. Your baby will have visited 4 countries already, sweet!

  • Easy Car Rental: You can pick-up your car in Switzerland and drop it off in Italy! Making it flexible to customize your route.

  • Shopping: No problem, pass by big cities like Zurich or Geneve and shop till you drop!

  • Endless Activities: And yes, doable with your baby! Take a teleferic ride up the mountains or go and have a lifetime experience on the Steepest Cogwheel Railway in the world. You can also enjoy beautiful boat trips in Lucerne or take a tour to go see how they make the finest of cheeses in Gruyère town. If you're feeling adventurous, roam the St. Beatus Caves, a beautiful experience, definitely one of my favorites!

So mommy, your adventurous day's aren't over! Go book your road-trip anywhere around the world and make memories with your little bundle of joy!

May motherhood be the vessel to drive our family's forward.

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