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Top 10: Must Have 0-3Month-Old Products

Mommies, i got you covered. The day i found out i was pregnant, i started searching the internet left & right; looking for the most concise, to the point, informative lists. Being a first-time mum, i was entering a world i knew absolutely nothing about & in all honesty, i was terrified. What the hell were Nose Frida's & White Noise generators? It felt like i was reading gibberish at the time.

As any good-old mom, i was determined to dot the I's and cross the T's of motherhood before my bundle of joy arrived. So a couple of months, thousands of YouTube videos and blog posts later, i created what seemed like the perfect list! A couple of hours on Amazon & voila, I was set & ready to go!

Life after the baby arrived was a lot different. Many products i bought, and thought i needed, i actually didn't use much of and vice verse. Now that my baby is 4 mo's old, I can share with all you beautiful momma's out there the list i wish existed when i was looking for my baby must-haves.

The Windi Gas and Colic Reliever for Babies

This isn't exactly a gadget but i had to include this one ladies! Theres a reason this bad-boy is on the top of my list, Its nothing short of a life saver. As a newborn, my son used the hell out of them. He had the worst colic & stomach aches and was unable to pass gas & poop on his own. This product was magical. It released all his newborn gooey poop for the first 2 weeks before he was able to release on his own. Off course, my husband and i got some giggles out of it too!

Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Complete Breast Milk Starter Set

Thank you Tommee Tippee for this amazing creation! I swear by this set right here. It has everything you need in one, making your busy (no sleep at night) days that much better! Trust me mommies, you need every second you can get. Its also the only brand that i found have breastmilk pouches that you can fix straight onto your pump, and express your milk right into. No bottles needed! Who needs more bottles to clean? definitely not me. The set also comes with a pouch warmer to instantly warm your milk to the perfect temperature for your baby.

Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Bouncer

My son should be the one writing this post right now; to express to you himself how much he enjoys the Ingenuity bouncer, to this day! There are two places my son will ever go to sleep, my lap and this amazing bouncer. Its soft lining and comfortable seating makes this bouncer my son's favorite lounging chair. It automatically bounces your baby while playing 11 different melodies & nature sounds! You won't be disappointed. My son started using this starting 1.5 months-old.

Ingenuity Soothing Light Rocking Sleeper

I use this product up more than any other product i own. I use this as my son's main crib at night. He co-sleeps with us in the same room, but we do not share the same bed. This sleeper's shape hugs my sons body making it the most comfortable nighttime sleep! I've used this since he was a newborn and still use it till this day (i should be transitioning out of it, but we love it so much!). Because of this sleepers shape, my son didn't suffer from any flathead conditions. It rocks when he moves at night, putting him straight back to sleep. The light projector & stuffed animals insert is also a huge plus!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

I put my baby boy in this the day he turned 3 months, and it was the best decision ever since! He LOVED it, kept jumping in it and slowly discovering each and every little toy. The diversity of playing options on this Jumperoo makes it a perfect way to keep your baby entertained throughout the day. Music plays with each jump making it more exciting to play around in. This 360 Jumperoo will make playtime that much more enjoyable for your little one while strengthening his motor skills and senses. Highly recommended.

Nest Cam Indoor security camera

This baby camera was suggested by a friend of mine and its just what every mom needs. Its works as the best monitor as its actually used as an indoor security camera. The image quality, motor sensitivity, 24/7 live feature makes this the safest option when watching your baby. Having all its angles covered, you won't have to worry about leaving your baby in his room ever again.

Baby K’tan Cotton Wrap-style Baby Carrier

This is the best cotton baby carrier to date! Its super easy to wear and babies love it. They instantly fall asleep inside this perfect body-hugging design. I use this carrier indoors while i run my daily household errands and outdoors, to go on a walk. Its extremely comfortable to wear & very versatile with its numerous wearing position options. With this carrier, you get 4 different style options, their original, breeze, active & organic. I personally used both the original which i have preferred & linked for you here, & the breeze. Make sure you get the sizing right before you purchase. Whichever one you choose, this carrier is definitely a must have.

LILLEbaby The COMPLETE Airflow ​Carrier

This SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by Lillebaby is by far, the best in my opinion. I have compared it with every other child carrier in the market, including the famous ErgoBaby. You will find a lot of comparisons online where you can decide for yourself what best suits your baby. LillieBaby offers several options when it comes to their carriers, i ended up choosing their complete airflow. I gave birth in August, so for my summer baby, i needed something that was airy & suitable for wearing in the hot weather. These carriers can get you very hot in the summer if you don't choose the right one! 10 out of 10 for this one!

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow

You will definitely need a nursing pillow, really anyone will do. I am sharing this one with you in particular as it has some amazing features! This pillow hugs your body all the way around and locks in place. In addition to its back support, it doesn't fall off when you stand! So say your baby falls asleep while you're feeding them in your living room, you can easily get up & walk to their crib with the pillow set in place! It also has a small pocket to carry anything you need with you. Now, thats what you call practicality at its best!

The GB Pockit Lightweight & Qbit Plus Travel Stroller's

These strollers are your perfect travel companions. With a click of a button, they fold up to the size of a handbag & can be easily placed in the overhead cabin. They're extremely lightweight making them easy to carry around wherever you go. The Qbit Plus is a bit bigger than the Pockit as it comes with a larger Canopy & sleep position option. I personally bought the Qbit+ to benefit from these additional features.

May motherhood be the vessel to drive our family's forward.

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