How To: Gain Sustainable Love & Why It's The Best Type of Love

November 19, 2017

We unconsciously love those who are of added value to us, those who help make us better, those who are a sincere addition to our being. We love our parents because they’ve done so much for us and have devoted their time and lives to make us who we are today. We love our friends because they support us emotionally, mentally and psychically in our daily practices. We love. We love for so many reasons that differ from one person to the other but all having a common link, a common factor that helps keep our meter going.


Love makes us better beings when it is met on all three levels, our emotional, mental and psychical levels. This is where most people get confused. Some people find love on one level while the other levels lack clarity and then call it love. One might find love on an emotional level for example while mentally, in a logical state of matter, that love doesn’t make sense. Once one invests their love in someone, all levels must be active and clear for both parties, in order to sustain and develop a love that will last. That’s why emotional levels of love alone don’t make a relationship last. This is what people then call, true love. A beautiful feeling that when found, its bound last a lifetime.


We also have unconditional love for our children. I'm still astonished by the amount of immense, non-ending love i have for my son no matter what he puts me through. No one will put you through pregnancy, labor & wake you up to feed them 3-4 times a night, with no time to look at yourself n the mirror and still hold that special space in your heart! 

Then what is sustainable love? Nearly 99.9% of people get hurt because of love. In reality, all forms of love are destructible. Even true love, as love is often lost, cut off, neglected, betrayed… You name it. We’ve all experienced one or more, nearly everyone you know has been hurt from the feeling of love. This isn’t because humanity is cruel but in fact because we get hurt more from the lack of love than from love itself. From love in disguise and love with an expiry date. 


Love is in our being, it is a feeling we were born with. Trying to remove it, avoid it or live without it isn’t an option. Its engraved in each and everyone of us. So fact is, we need to learn how to live with it. Love is unsustainable and hurts though right? It is merely because in life people die, we lose loved ones, we get busy, we change, we can’t be there all the time… We’re human. Therefore, these forms of love can’t be sustainable love. Sustainability, a word that carries so many other words along with it, a word with huge weight….everlasting, endless, no limits, infinite, solid, reliable, present are just to name a few.


Isn’t that what we all want, what we’re all looking for, what we’re all dreaming of? Imagine if you have it, conquer it, live it and make it a part of who you are. Yes it’s possible, you can obtain sustainable love and in reality, anyone can. Sustainable love isn’t selfish love, isn’t selective love, it’s love that’s available for those who really want it, those who seek and sacrifice for it.


So now you’re thinking ok so if 99.9% of humans have been experiencing unsustainable love, then what about the remaining 0.1%? How are they doing it? Are they not human? Well yes, they are. In fact, they are experiencing humanity in its truest form, at its peek, the true essence of what it means and feels like to be human. The difference in their love is that its main focus isn’t directed at another object or human, it’s direct access is to God. God. The only sustainable love there is. People spend their whole lives looking for sustainable love, thing is they’ve been looking around it. You need to give in to it, surrender to it.


The sacrifice. Sacrifice, a word people normally associate with so many negative words and it puzzles me how such a strong, powerful and life changing word is associated with negativity. The prophets sacrificed for humanity, for the vision of a greater good. They knew the true meaning of the word sacrifice, they knew that something incredible always follows. Sacrifice is normally associated with negativity because of a certain misunderstanding, that you’re giving up something that’s yours, a possession. In reality we don’t truly possess anything what you have and what you are is a result of Gods offering to you. Therefore you never really possess anything.

If you really give it thought, that is very good news. Relieving, weight lifting news. It is your responsibility to take care of Gods offering to you, but in the end its not your full responsibility as it is Gods possession. God has offered his help, love and guidance to help you take care of his possessions. You are not alone, relief. Thats out of Gods great love for us, we are supported in everything and anything we do. Once we ask for it. You surrender your love to God, as he is best aware of his possessions. You surrender your being, float in the air, stress and worry free, God is in control. You learn to love people, do things, be passionate, be thankful, be satisfied, be happy… All generated by your love to God. A generator that is sustainable. A form of love that never dies, never leaves, never too busy or too tired, everlasting love. You no longer get hurt, in fact through hurtful situations your feelings are replaced by thankfulness, forgiveness and clarity.


How you may ask? When all your actions are intended and generated to and from God, you no longer have to worry. Imagine a world where every decision you make, every situation you’re faced with is guaranteed to be the best circumstance for you at that moment and you knew it for a fact. You knew that at the worst of times, you had a backbone, a true sense of belief that things really do happen for a reason, that whatever you go through it is the best thing that could have happened to you. In reality we all know, it can always get worse. Once you do everything in life with the full intention is out of your love to God and his humanity, you'll be thankful for every given situation. 


Well yes, that’s what we’re all aiming & searching for, that’s why you’re reading this. To reach the ultimate state of sustainable love there is, the ideal sense of self and feeling. Once you start redirecting your source of love, source of why you love, making that source sustainable, you’ll never feel disappointment in life. You pack your things, and move on to your next adventure in life. Once your intentions are purely for God’s sake then surely, God is with you, by your side every second of every day. You are living with the only sustainable love there is. The love everyone is looking for. You are among the percentage who understand.


May motherhood be the vessel to drive our family's forward. 


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