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Story Time: Due Date, No Baby?!

So, doctors always give you an expected delivery date right? Has anyone actually ever delivered on that day?! Just curious..

As i would imagine every first-time mom would be, i was SO excited for August 6th to come around! Yep you guessed it, this day marked my due date! The end of the countdown all my baby apps, the end to my wait, the day i was going to finally meet my lil boy! Or so i thought.. :) The interesting twist here was that both my parents birthdays were that same week! Can you feel the pressure yet?! My fathers birthday was on the 4th & my mother's on the 8th. And there lay my due date, smack in the middle! You can imagine the anticipation. The second July turned into August on my calendar i literally wouldn't sleep at night. Off course by then the top search on my google page was "How to induce labor". From birthing balls to jalapeno's, i had it all prepared.

Despite all the searching & preparing, something told me not to induce at home. I tend to always trust my instinct, so by nature, i went by it. However, i spent the night of the 3rd walking around my parents house for an hour & ran (9months pregnant running that is) up and down the stairs like a crazy person. Delivering on my fathers birthday?! Yes please! To my utter disappointment, I woke up on the morning of the 4th, with..... well nothing.

My father would have been so happy, i really felt SO bad. As if it was all in my hands somehow, when really nothing was. Still i couldn't shake the feeling, i felt really bad; a little bit guilty somehow. We celebrated my fathers birthday at Crimson restaurant & bar for an exquisite dinner overlooking the River Nile. The night was spent with delicious food & heartwarming laughs with family, a true night to remember :)

History then repeated itself, when my due date came around... on the 6th...then the 7th... nothing till my mothers birthday came along on the 8th. Just like my fathers birthday, my mothers didn't fall short. We had an amazing dinner at Kazoku restaurant. Their entrees are a delicacy! Oh the happiness of this day, the joy of celebrating my loved ones.. but still no baby.

They were beautiful evenings, ones i didn't know i would appreciate more later when the closest thing i would get to an outing are my visits to the pediatrician. Yay!

It was time to visit my doctor... and to my disbelief, my doctor was nowhere to be found! Yes, you read right. Surprise surprise, my doctor was on vacation that week which i didn't get a notice for! Good thing i went with my instinct on not inducing yeah? Oh how i love a lil psychic moment..

By then, it couldn't get any worse in my head. Panic knocked HARD on my door and i let it rush straight in! Well, panic knocked on my mothers door much harder than mine did. As you can imagine made things much worse..

I quickly got in contact with his replacement doctor and booked my appointment where i was told everything was perfectly fine & i was to get into labor any second now. Great news right? Well before i knew it this second turned into a week! But the good news was, my doctor was back from his vacation... with a golden tan that i wasn't in anyway jealous of! But what did i expect with a due date in August right?

As the days flipped on my calendar, i got more & more anxious to the point where i thought i was never going to deliver this baby! I kid you not, i started to doubt i was even pregnant at all! Okay, I maybe watched way too many Punked episodes for my own good but i was really going crazy. Mommies i know you can relate... oh the misery of the wait.

So as i was already into my 41st week (If things weren't tense enough) i was told if i didn't deliver by the end of the week i was going for a Csection. So mommies, it was time to induce!

The castor oil came out & so did every spicy substance in my kitchen cabinet. The night of the 11th, i consumed all of the above along with a good hour and a half power walk. And alas IT WORKED! I woke up the morning of the 12th, with contractions!! Real 7minutes apart CONTRACTIONS! Woohoo! A mix of emotions rushed through my body as i woke my husband up to get ready and head to the hospital.

My hospital bag was waiting by the door (for 2 months now) we grabbed it, called my mom, picked her up and rushed to the hospital. I was checked by a nurse there who confirmed i was in labor. A room was getting ready for me and before i know it, i was hooked up to several monitors and put to rest. Well as much rest as you can get with contractions kicking in every minute that is!

At 42 weeks pregnant, I went through 2 full days of contractions until the 14th of August when i finally met my little bundle of joy! My delivery however, is a whole other story that i will be keeping for another post.

So tell me, how many of you had an accurate due date again? Lucky witches!

May motherhood be the vessel to drive our family's forward.

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