The deer excels in the home. As a mother, she knows exactly what to do while raising a family and tending to the tasks of daily life. There's a potential for her identity to become wrapped entirely around her children and home, which leaves her needy and attached. This is the cause of most of her turmoil. She often has qualities of a healer and is very connected to nature. 

Domestic, Loving, Patient

Creative energy abounds from the duck. She's a romanic, artistic, and easily inspired by her surroundings. A true dreamer by nature, she struggles to stay "grounded" or to deal with any harsh realities that come her way. Conflict of any kind is very disturbing to this gentle creature. Be as gentle as a mother can be.

Creative, Emotional

The snake mother is a vibrant female and happy mother. Family comes first in her world - she's very protective of it and is the dominant parent within the home. Though proud and determined, she has enough grace and beauty that you'd hardly notice her forceful nature. Often times she has overcome great pain or trauma in her life. It's important not to get on her bad side.

Attractive, Domestic, Vibrant

The world signifies completion, harmony, and contentment. It's rare to experience this energy, as we are usually consumed by wanting, needing, and achieving. The world asks you to contemplate for a moment on the idea of "being whole". Focus on the image.... close your eyes and envision this radiating energy inside you. What does it feel like? Where is it located? What blocks you from feeling a sense of "wholeness" each and every day of your life?

Wholeness, Completion

The swan rivals with her natural psychic abilities. She's a gentle, tranquil woman whose insights bring healing to those around her. She thrives when amidst her family, the arts, and music or beauty of any kind. Like a true swan, when the swan is pushed, she becomes aggressive and defensive. She'll commonly see herself as the victim when distressed in a situation.

Insightful, Psychic

Standing outside on a dark night, you gaze up at the stars and sense glimmers of wonder and hope. Even though you can't find concrete answers to life's many questions up there in the sky, you can't help but feel comforted and renewed. Such is the energy of the star. It is not about actions or situations. It's simply about connecting to the part of you that is hopeful and serene. This force will bring light back into your life and infuse you with positivity. 

Hope, Peace of mind

In many ways the Moon encompasses the idea of the wild unknown. It is the shadow realm, the place where dreams, fears, and mysteries are born. Much darkness can linger here, and if you aren't careful, this can lead to periods of anxiety and self doubt... almost as though you've lost your way in a house of mirrors. Many great artists have roamed this inner landscape. It's where imagination and creativity drift freely upon the midnight air.

Vivid Dreams, and Fears

From the dark and tangled branches emerges a butterfly. New life takes flight. If you're not reveling in the joy of success already, you will be soon. The butterfly is a symbol of victory, of rising up against the odds. The obstacles have been relentless, but now is not the time to look back upon them. The more pressing question is: Where will you go with your new set of wings?

Victory, Success, Rising Up

The cobra is a true charmer. He's handsome and adventurous and seems to day all the right things. Some call him the "white knight". But at some point you may find he becomes hard to know. Trust your instinct with this one- perfection is an illusion. 

Charming, Adventurous

The swan truly excels within the arts. He's usually a musician or a visual artist of some kind, and he finds success within his field. His natural tendency to look inward adds to his charm and mystique. To others he may seem secretive and even peaceful, while deep inside he carries a dark kernel of intensity. Parenthood comes from within.

Artistic, Introspective

The tiger sits in stillness. From there, she's able to access realms others pass by without noticing, the vast world of intuition, dreams, and mystery. She uses silence and non-action to harness this power. As parents, sometimes this reminds us to listen more closely to the voice within. Other times it's a sign to look past the obvious, to find what's being kept secret or hidden within a given situation. Acknowledge the shadows. 

Mystery, Psychic Wisdom

The great blue heron remains calm and peaceful as she blends the opposing elements of fire and water. The heron asks you to be a moderator. Focus on cooperation and compromise. If you've been excessive in one aspect of your life, practice self-restraint and moderation now. You'll find a new sense of healing and balance from bringing a little harmony back into your life.

Healing, Renewal

The owl is a young woman whose honesty and insights take her far in life. People truly value her frankness. She learns from keen observation... it almost seems as though she never stops "watching". Sometimes this becomes a burden for her, as she can't help noticing this or that small detail that could've been done better. There's a potential for her to hold on to those experiences and become spiteful and judgmental.

Honest, Insightful

Its common to think of the lion as the roaring, devouring side. But look again- the "strength" this animal suggests is a much deeper force that's found within. The lion represents our most patient, composed self. He's a master of focus, compassion, and self-control. When this comes up, you're in need of harnessing this power for yourself. All the courage you need can be found in the muscle known as the heart.

Mastery of Emotions

The good side of the horse is that he is loyal and determined. He's inventive and can be trusted wholeheartedly. But sometimes, this figure becomes stubborn and persistent to a fault. This, combined with his quiet nature, results in his being hard to get to know and socially awkward at times. He commonly has only one or two close friends rather than many.

Loyal, Quiet, Dedicated

The male dear symbolizes a steady and gentle man. Upon first meeting, he can almost seem full because of his extremely calm temperament. But underneath is an incredibly passionate man who prioritizes the stability of his job, family and home. He is entrepreneurial and diligent at work. A true pleasure to know.

Steady, Entrepreneurial

Surrounded by obstacles and threats on all sides, you find yourself the victim. You see no way out, no available choices. Your perceptions keep you from opening your wings and taking flight. What keeps you suspended here? Yourself or others? Your soul demands an answer. You cannot hang here much longer. Find the answers and break out of your cocoon.

Trapped, Powerless

In its simplest form, the Hierophant represents a mentor or teacher. This card signifies a hunger for knowledge, whether it is in the practical or the spiritual realm. You've come as far as you can on your own; now its the time to deepen your practice. Don't hesitate- join a class, go to a workshop, don't be afraid of new experiences. A new ceremony or ritual may prove to be both comforting and rewarding. Open your heart and your teacher will soon appear.

Mentor, Seeking Knowledge

The cheetah is a force of boundless, expansive energy. Whereas many of the animals deal with stillness or aspects of the mind... The cheetah is all about action, action, action. It's time to see yourself as the wildcat- embrace his speed, grace and abilities. Don't be afraid to begin. You have the power of all four elements within your reach. Now is the time to use them. Be the powerful parent within.

Self-empowerment, Action

As a parent, the idea of being a "hermit" is not supported in our society, but in the realm of nature, hermits are highly celebrated and valued creatures. Through meditation, solitude and stillness, it's time to step back from the business of day-to-day life and focus on your inner realm. Become more self-aware id you're intrigued by meditation, start now. Spend time by yourself. Your inner fire is ready to be lit... it will shine for all to see.

Solitude, Meditation

Imagine for a moment that you're soaking in the warm rays of the sun. It feels nourishing and healing; all your aches and pains just fade away. The sun brings this amazing energy into your life. Vitality and health abound, while you feel assurance and clarity in all you do. Spend some extra time outside today, be grateful for the radiance of the sun and the life force it gives all creatures.

Vitality, Enlightenment

The Canadian geese are the mates for life, traveling partners within an expansive sky. They symbolize a beautiful and strong relationship on the horizon. Yes, you'll experience all the thrills of desire and romance, but meanwhile you'll be building a solid foundation together. The Canadian geese honor and respect each other, and with that they can go anywhere. If you're already in a relationship, be grateful and nourish this rare and precious gem.

Union, Desire, Joy

With tails entwined, two cats look directly at you... waiting for you to choose between them. Which is right and which is wrong? The cats imply a weight or heaviness surrounding a choice you have to make. Now is not the time to shun the concept of divine balance or karma. All of your choices affect your life, and sometimes the lives of those around you, both now and in the future.

Decisions, Karma

Though threatening swords loom above, the lamb sits in stillness without fear. This says it's time to look inward and find mental power to cope with the pressures of life. It's important to rest. Seek meditation or find literature that focuses on ways to quiet the mind. Take this time to recuperate and move inward before those swords strike. 

Stillness, Mental Power

The Spruce Tree is the father symbol. He's the perfect counterpart to the mother. He represents the side of you thats protective, decisive and truly stable. He brings clarity of mind and this in turn leads to actions or decisions. Sometimes this is literal and points to a paternal relationship in your life. At other times, it suggests reconnecting with the part of you that stands strong and tall and knows just what to do. With help from the sun, you can see for miles and miles. 

Protection, Stability, The Father

The chariot is your confidence, your will, and you inner warrior. At points in your life when you felt the bliss of achievement or triumph, you were riding on his back. Build a relationship with this part of yourself. Try to "see" the chariot inside you. The more focused your mind, the easier it will be to sense his presence and stay mounted on his back. With a fixed gaze and sure footing, you'll be headed towards all you dream of.

Strong Will, Triumph


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